Just wanted to remind all of our players that we have a mod pack that can help you keep up with our updates :D


Aka Derp
Aka GamePlayer137

TheRealTylerTheGamer500 hey God derp I subscribed your Channel
[Helper] CheesyButt572 WOW man i totattly didnt know that XD

Im happy to announce that was have balanced and enabled Kaioken+Super forms ALL RACES can combone thier transformations with kaioken for an amazingly fair a balanced boost, and for those who are worried about Saiyans being incredbly OP due to blue plus kaioken its been balanced to the point you wont have to worry about it at all. :D

Drop Parties: Every Saturday at 3:00 PM EST we have a Tournament. This weekend and possibly in the future IF we have enough people on before the tourny we WILL host a DROP PARTY after the tourny :D

I'm happy to say that our DBC server is now open to all :D

You can make the installation of the mods on your self by just installing our Technic pack at: 

EpicNightCore um saying open to all does that mean cracked players can play also
GenkirielCatmurr And incase you need proof here,
GenkirielCatmurr I also cannot join the server because I was banned 4 years ago on mcbans. If you could remove that from your server, it&...

Im sad to say the server opening will have to be postponed for another week due to there being some issues, but on the bright side when it does open there will be more things added ex: More bosses & quests.

I am very sad that i can't I open the server this weekend. I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

Thank you for your patience, and have a derpy day :),


The beta-test is almost over and will soon be open for all to play :D

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